Hi there ! You can call me Bagel, I go by a little collie online. I like to design characters, illustrate comics, code games, and occassionally mess around with websites.

Interested in a commission ?

I tend do commissions a bit casually, but if you'd like a little illustration and time is not much of an issue, feel free to hit me up about it anytime.

You can take a look at some of my works over on Tumblr, Cohost, Itaku, and maybe also on Twitter and Mastodon.

That being said, social media and galleries have recently been becoming less and less stable with old established ones becoming less favourable and new ones cropping up so I have made a Carrd to try and list all the ones where I'm around in.


I draw a couple of comics during my free time. One of them follows a small dog on a long walk titled Anjing, while the other is about two weird looking pokemons looking for a job called It's a mystery, maybe !


I also make small games over at It has a list of all the games I've made over there including some really old ones, but if you're just after the more recent games you can go to


All of these are made, and are still being made, out of love and passion for the medium and the storytelling. I don't make a lot from them, but I would still love to continue making them. And if you would like to help out or even say thank you, I have a Patreon for some extra notes and stories and a Ko-Fi for little one off support.

~ Thank you for stopping by ~