Welcome ! If you'd like an illustration of your characters or anything else in the fanciful style similar to the art that brought you here, then you've come to the right place !

I have a soft spot for all things that are rugged leathers and enchanted metals, so if you're looking to dress your characters in fancy garments or have them travel to faraway places, I'm here to help.


Single Character $80 +/-

Got an idea for a character but haven't fully decided what they would look like yet ?
Maybe you already have a favourite personal animal that you would just like to see in another style. It doesn't necessarily have to be in a fantasy setting, you could even get something contemporary or even sci-fi, so feel free to let me know what you're after.

(In this option you have more control to request what you would like)

Halfbody Freestyle $50 +/-

Or maybe you don't really have a preference one way or another. Maybe you would just like a more casual approach to things and would like to see where to flow takes you.

(In this option you have less control, but you still get to see all the wips and sketches)

Subjective options

Prices will vary a lot more, but feel free to let me know if you would like a background for any of the options, or if you would like to make a reference sheet even.

Shoot me a note or have a chat I won't bite ~

TOS and Info

You can give as much or as little information as you'd like. A wall of text or a sentence or two, a lot of reference or no pictures at all. Just let me know all the info you want in and I'll help fill in the rest of the blanks for you ~

(By default I tend to make characters digitigrade and slightly stylised, but if you'd like them plantigrade and more proportionate just let me know)

Prices are usually in USD. I'll send over a sketch or two, we'll talk about it for a bit and when it all sounds good I'll pop you over a paypal invoice. (Let me know the address you'd like me to send it to !)

Generally speaking, everything you see in my galleries are topics and themes that I'm good at. You can even ask for an older style I had but haven't drawn in a while.

You might be interested in maybe a genre that I haven't done yet, that's ok ! You can let me know about it and I'll see if I can pull it off.

On a side note, all characters should belong to the commissioner or are allowed to be drawn. It's mainly because I'm not familiar with all the laws and they're different in so many places anyway.

So as a general rule, I wouldn't necessarily draw specifics like Matt Smith or Airbud, but if it's your dog dressed as Joseph Joestar, or it's a pokemon in your story who always wears a distinct flamboyant feathered hat then I'm perfectly fine with it.

After the work is done, I'll send you a download link to the completed piece. That picture and file is yours to keep and you'll have full rights to do anything with it.

That means that you can post it anywhere on the internet, or print it in your fan fiction book, or even slap it on your dogs birthday cake, it's cool. (Ask your dog permission before slapping anything on their cake first though)

Feel free to drop me an email at, chirp a tweet over on twitter, or have a small talk over on telegram.